tl;dr - this wasn't a pandemic caused by a mere common cold virus, but a deliberate plan to spread fear and enslave the global population in the name of the Great Reset, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And to those who label me a conspiracy theorist, mark my…
My career as a scientist is over - I will pursue new paths.
There are still ongoing discussions about whether the vaccines and the measures might have saved the lives of some old people. At least there's a…
Things have been quiet around Christian Drosten in recent months. For the most part, he withdrew from the public eye, or as I would say, the rats are…
This is my personal story.
For over two years, the media has known only four topics: Putin, climate change, opposing genderism, and COVID. Mainstream media want us to believe that…
A personal assessment.
Dr. Simon meets Dr. Mark Bailey #6Listen now (51 min) | Dr Mark Bailey is the husband of Dr Sam Bailey and dared to question the whole field of virology. We talked about the history of…
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